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No one knows for certain which anomalies are paranormal and which are not, but Dr. Sweet is convinced the following types are legitimate.

Dr. Sweet's niece Lindsey captured this orb over the cardboard heart she made for her grandfather's memorial service. Notice the radiance around the circumference, the pink glow above the orb, and the "substance" within it.

This orb appeared above a woman who had just drawn her last breath.

Orbs behind objects are well nigh impossible to blame on dust.

Moving orbs are hard for skeptics to explain away.

The camera appears to be looking inside a vortex.

The author took this picture of her mother, Edith Clemmer, on her 60th birthday with a 35 mm camera. These vortexes cannot be the camera strap since there are two of them and the ends are visible.

Some ectoplasms seem to take the form of animals, angels or people, and are preceded and followed by faint orbs.

Some lightforms are dark and it's difficult to tell if they are vortexes or ectoplasm. Does the dark color mean they are "evil"?

Some "personal" orbs have distinctive features and are consistently photographed near the same people, such as our grandson's "V" orb and my brother Peter's "Big Boy".