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“Lee” Sweet is a life-long spiritual seeker whose pictures of a dog’s apparent “spirit” launched her on an incredible journey into the world of paranormal photography. It enriched her life with new meaning and became the topic of her doctoral dissertation in Esoteric Studies for American Pacific University, and of her book, How to Photograph the Paranormal.

Dr. Sweet began writing as editor-in-chief of two student newspapers. After working her way through college and earning a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Portland State University, she worked in personnel; mini-farming; legal administration and investigation; and her family’s retail furniture business, church-hopping all the while.

Lee has had one near-death experience, is certified in clinical hypnotherapy and Huna (an ancient Hawaiian healing art), and has studied under many of the current spiritual leaders. Better at asking questions than delivering answers, she does not claim expert status in either photography or the paranormal. A lifetime of reading and research has given her an overall view of light forms that needs to be shared. These lights have been with us all along, holding the key to life’s greatest mysteries, but now seem eager to be seen and understood.

Dr. Sweet and her husband Stan have five grown children, two grandchildren, and are governed by their spoiled pets in Clackamas, Oregon.