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Paranormal light forms are everywhere
and you can photograph them with any camera
'How to Photograph the Paranormal' by Leonore Sweet, Ph.D.
This book includes:

Who gets photographs of the mysterious lights.


What the lights could be – aliens, UFOs, angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, inter-dimensional beings, earth lights, unidentified biological creatures, thought-forms, or...

When, where and how

When, where, and how to photograph the many types of anomalies.


Why we should pay attention to them,

  • Evidence of psychics seeing and communicating with orbs
  • The surprising history of mysterious lights through the ages
  • The many forms, habits and activities of the lights
  • Descriptions of orbs and ectoplasm in many ancient religious texts, including the “eyes of the Lord” in the Bible
  • How the lights are connected to the growing crop circle phenomenon
  • How light forms appear in near-death experiences
  • Channeled material that mentions orbs and other light forms
  • Inexplicable spheres and fogs appearing in photos since cameras were first invented:
  • How hypnotized subjects describe the spherical lights we become between lives on Earth
  • Sightings of orbs by astronauts, pilots and scientists
  • How ancient religions knew what quantum physicists are just discovering:
Thought photography, Julian Ochorowicz, 1909
Indigenous Hawaiians meet near this monument to help spirits travel from one dimension to another

Indigenous Hawaiians meet near this monument to help spirits travel from one dimension to another.

Thought photography, Julian Ochorowicz, 1909

Materializations, John Beattie, 1872

Materializations, John Beattie, 1872

a picture of the 'spirit' of her sister's dog

on her incredible journey into the paranormal world of light forms. Since taking a picture of the “spirit” of her sister's dog, she has made startling discoveries that may lead you to re-examine your view of life itself.

Click here to buy How to Photograph the Paranormal from Amazon.com at a discount.

Click here to buy 'How to Photograph the Paranormal' from Amazon.com at a discount

“There is a burgeoning awareness of the presence of these energies in our environment. In some cases they can be photographed but not seen with the naked eye. The human eye is not accurate; the camera is. Dr. Sweet has done an absolutely magnificent job of putting it all together.” W. C. Levengood, Ph.D., biophysicist and America's foremost crop circle researcher.


“To paraphrase Hamlet, there are, indeed, more things in Heaven and Earth than we can dream in our present philosophy: our paradigm of reality. Much of what technology has created for us in our time would seem akin to magic, and be well beyond the belief and world-view of the average person living two hundred years ago. So, too, I am sure, will many of the wonders of the future, which seem impossible to our ‘reality’, be commonplace to the people of that time.

The paranormal is only a word used to describe what we do not yet understand according to our present, limited understanding. It is the utmost arrogance to dismiss such things out of hand simply because we are not able to understand, yet, the underlying principles at work.

Dr. Sweet has presented a fascinating study of a phenomenon that is beyond analysis and explanation by any means at the disposal of science, but that only demonstrates a limitation of science, and does not invalidate the possibilities presented by her study. What are the Orbs? No one can tell, and wild speculation serves no purpose. But, an open-minded reading of this book will certainly cause one to wonder – and wonder again. Is it not exactly that kind of wonder that has created, and continues to create, that greatest of wonders: the human mind, and all that it can create as consciousness expands into an unfolding Universe? As the late physicist, Richard Feynman said, ‘I wonder why I wonder why I wonder?’” Alexander Docker, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Studies, American Pacific University.


“WOW ... and WOW again … superb … simply superb … brilliant photographs …. enlightening! Enthralling … captivating! I haven’t enjoyed reading anything so much for ages. I digested every word with thought. Written with a skeptical eye, this wonderful work reveals startling evidence drawn from a vast number of sources and may well contain the very answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries. In a word, marvelous!” Rob Port, United Kingdom, paranormal photographer, webmaster and moderator of http://groups.msn.com/WickedsWeirdsville.


“The book was absolutely marvelous! You covered a great variety of subjects and your abundance of research was outstanding! I especially love your personable style of writing with your little dashes of humor. After reading it, I feel that I have just had a long visit with you, and a very pleasurable one with news of your husband, brother, grandson, pets and even your recent journeys!” Reverend Dorothy Leon, pioneer light photographer and author of Is Jehovah an E.T.?, Ozark Mountain Publishers, 2003.


“Your book is fabulous! You’ve covered so much, and the photos look great! You’ve done a wonderful piece of work.” John and Jan Young, webmasters of www.orbsbybeans.com and former moderators of orbs@yahoogroups.com.


“Wonderful research work. Your dissertation is a masterpiece!” Carol of Lightworks Plasma Imaging and founder of http://orbstudy.com.