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Here are just a few of hundreds of tips found in How to Photograph the Paranormal, including:

  • Cameras and equipment
  • Why inexpensive digital cameras are best
  • How to distinguish orbs from near-camera dust, moisture, bugs, pollen, spider webs and lens flare
  • Why the flash should be used
  • Where are they?
  • When is the best time?
  • Before, during and after the hunt
  • Avoid stepping on graves. It is not only considered disrespectful, but graves have been known to cave in.
  • Do not pop out from behind a tree yelling, “BOO!” This can frighten the living ectoplasm out of someone in those circumstances and may even cause injury.
  • Do not limit your orb hunts to places of the dead. The orbs are everywhere.
  • Fully expect to get some excellent photographs and you will. Believe in the light forms and thou shalt photograph them.
  • Do not think about where the orbs may be. Use your intuition and feel where they are.
  • Talk to the orbs, unless there is a mental health practitioner nearby. Ask them to smile for a family portrait. You'll be surprised with their responses.

The photo seems to show Flora was grateful and also proves she was not a dust orb close to the lens.

  • Orbs seem to love fun times, music, children and laughter. Create a fun event and invite the orbs to participate.
  • Leave skeptics and those who would have the living ectoplasm scared out of them home where they belong. The orbs seem to avoid them.
  • I nearly always hunted for orbs by myself or with my wise old dog Max. I took Max along for good reason. Here is a picture I took immediately after asking, "Max, where are the orbs?" If he turned his head and I took a shot immediately, there was usually an orb in his line of sight.
  • Who hasn't seen a cat staring at nothing or striking out at thin air and wondered why?
  • Bring your resident psychic and family pet along. Many psychics can see and communicate with light forms, and animals can sense things and see light spectra you cannot.